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Robert Irvine Broke His Silence About Why Food Network Canceled ‘Restaurant Impossible’

In 2011, Food Network was at the peak of producing reality shows with a culinary twist. Between competitions like Chopped, Iron Chef America and even Food Network Star, nothing compared to the title the channel debuted that year. The network introduced a new series titled Restaurant: Impossiblewhich featured British chef Robert Irvine as its host and bore a concept that was as massive as its name.

The show’s premise was unique. Each episode, Robert would go to a failing restaurant with the hopes of restoring it to a place where the establishment could make a profit. But there was a caveat to it: he only had two days, a small team and a $10,000 budget to take on the enormous task. Amazingly, though, he managed to do it every time, with many of his clients grateful for Robert’s expertise.

Given the show’s popularity over the years, fans noticed that new episodes of Restaurant: Impossible haven’t aired since April. This led many to wonder about the status of the series. Well, Robert alluded to upsetting news on Twitter, and he has some thoughts about the future of Restaurant: Impossible.

Why was Restaurant: Impossible cancelled?

As of July 2023, Food Network appears confirmed Restaurant: Impossible was canceled after 12 years and 22 seasons. Deadline reported the news on July 9, after Robert replied to Twitter user @mrbenmrben when discussing the subject online.

It’s simple, why doesn’t @FoodNetwork understand @RobertIrvine = Ratings!!” read the initial tweet.

When Robert saw the tweet, he responded with his thoughts about the series’ future. “Ha ha Ben, I’m old news,” the host wrote back. “Even though the show is a GREAT show that helps small businesses and families/communities, it’s not a show that they believe fits into who or what they want or the younger viewers like… I really have no idea.”

Robert didn’t stop there, though. When Twitter user @2006Cotton saw the chef’s grim update, they asked if there was a way for others to petition the higher-ups at Food Network to change their minds. This led the TV host to respond back with an even more upsetting take then the previous remark.

“Mark I don’t think any amount of fans telling Food Network to bring it back will do anything… to change their minds,” Robert tweeted. “They have a different idea of ​​what the viewers want and @Rest_Imposs isn’t in that… So, we will move on and see what happens next… When I know I will let you know lol.”

As Robert ostensibly prepares for a future outside of Restaurant: Impossible, he did share that he does have other projects planned. As for whether it’ll be on Food Network, he inferred it’s plausible to think it.

“No, unfortunately,” he penned when follower @ted_dufner asked about the show returning. “But we’re working on other things, so, stay tuned folks … “

As much as we’re sad about the outcome, we’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled for Robert’s next move! And who knows, Restaurant: Impossible previously went on a three-year hiatus, so this might not be the last we’ve heard of it…

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