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Omelette Gets Dry Fruit Twist: Netizens Angry Over Bizarre Recipe

Omelette Gets Dry Fruit Twist: Netizens Angry Over Bizarre Recipe

An X user shared a video of a street vendor making a dry-fruit omelette with 10 eggs and calling it a special winter recipe.

In the ever-evolving world of culinary experimentation, bizarre food combination recipes are making waves across the internet. From unconventional pairings like chocolate-covered pickles to unexpected concoctions like maggi pastry, these peculiar recipes challenge traditional notions of flavor harmony. While some may raise eyebrows at the thought of mixing seemingly incompatible ingredients, others view it as an exciting opportunity to unleash their creativity in the kitchen. With each outlandish recipe shared online, social media gets flooded with unexpected flavor sensations.

Social media is abuzz with a bizarre breakfast creation: ‘dry-fruit omelette’. This unconventional breakfast recipe is the brainchild of a food stall in Gurgaon. In the video shared by @youtubeswadofficial, the cook is involved in making the recipe with 10 eggs.

The video begins with the vendor mixing unimaginable dollops of butter, onions, tomatoes, cheese, bread, and oregano garnish. The omelette is then cut into pieces like a pizza and sprinkled with dry fruits.

The video, since shared, has garnered numerous reactions. One user said, “Heart attack loading.” Another concerned of the health factors, wrote, “Does the ambulance also accompany you or you have to do it yourself after eating.” A third joked, “Heart: I don’t feel like beating after seeing this.”